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What to know about neck tension
Posted on Wednesday December 04, 2019

Neck tension occurs when the neck muscles remain contracted for prolonged periods. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of neck tension here.

Do braces hurt? What to expect
Posted on Wednesday December 04, 2019

People often wonder whether braces hurt. Here, we discuss the pain or discomfort that people may experience when getting and wearing braces.

Causes of right shoulder and arm pain
Posted on Saturday November 30, 2019

There are several potential causes of right shoulder and arm pain. Read on to find out the various causes and when to see a doctor.

What causes pain under the left armpit?
Posted on Thursday November 28, 2019

Causes of pain under the left armpit can range from minor skin infections to nerve damage. Learn about these and other causes, as well as when to see a doctor.

Epiploic appendagitis: Everything you need to know
Posted on Tuesday November 26, 2019

Epiploic appendagitis occurs when something cuts off the blood supply to small pouches in the digestive system. Learn more about the symptoms, causes, and treatment options in this article.

Chronic Lyme disease: Everything you need to know
Posted on Monday November 25, 2019

Chronic Lyme disease occurs when a person who has already received treatment for Lyme disease continues to have symptoms in the long term. Learn more about this condition here.

What to know about positional headaches
Posted on Tuesday November 12, 2019

Positional headaches occur when sitting or standing, and they tend to go away shortly after lying down. They are often related to leaks of cerebrospinal fluid. Learn more here.

What can cause back pain and nausea?
Posted on Thursday November 07, 2019

Back pain and nausea can often occur at the same time and cause much discomfort. Learn about the causes and symptoms, when to see a doctor, and appropriate treatment options here.

Can meditation, hypnosis, and CBT help address the opioid crisis?
Posted on Tuesday November 05, 2019

A new review and meta-analysis has concluded that meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help reduce pain and opioid use.

Brachial neuritis: Everything you need to know
Posted on Tuesday November 05, 2019

Brachial neuritis is a type of nerve damage that causes pain and weakness in the shoulder and arm area. Here we look at the symptoms, causes, and treatments.

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